Selective Coloring In 5 steps

Finished work

1. Open up the image you want to selective color. I'll be using this rose photographed by HAMED MASOUMI

2. right click on the rose layer and select "duplicate"

3. Go to the "colors" tab on the top and select "desaturate" (we have a great tutorial on desaturation here if you're interested, but the technique is not needed for this tutorial) select any of the modes you like, I chose "luminosity" make sure the desaturated layer is on top of the color one.

4. Apply a layer mask with the "white" setting...

Then select the object you want to leave colored. You can do this with the pen tool or whatever method your comfortable with.

5. I like to feather my selections with .2 percent so go to select>feather>.2 after this is all done, select the layer mask and fill with black. You should know have your standout colored! you can use the fuzzy brush to rough out some spots but all in all, you should have a nice picture.


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